Breaking news out of the Upper East Side synagogues this afternoon as D5 media has obtained this exclusive photo which appears to confirm that Goose is indeed a proud member of the tribe.

Sources are currently attempting to authenticate this photo. Multiple calls to Yehuda’s father were left unanswered while texts to Avery received the response to “please stop asking me about this random picture, I didn’t even register this season.”

It should be noted that while we are working to confirm the veracity of these pics, the source of these groundbreaking photos was non other than Goose himself who immediately emailed me multiple times after the publishing of the lines to clear his name of being a gentile.

Judaism-Gate, or J-Gate for short (NICE) arose when the opening betting lines for the season pegged Goose and Meehan as the antithesis of Yehuda and Adam Herman, even though I’m pretty sure Goose was comparing cantors with Zach Fein in the scorer’s box last season (true story). The D5 media issues this important correction along with an official league apology and a deep heartfelt shalom to Mr Goose for this error. It should be noted, however, that despite vaguely looking Jewish and working in real estate, Meehan remains goy.

That ain’t Manishewitz

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